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Below you will find today's average rates. Depending on the circumstances we could quite possibly do better then those listed. However, there are so many programs and so many different rates that can apply to any given situation and credit score. It's IMPOSSIBLE for you to get an accurate quote from an internet posted rate page or even by telephone shopping. Interest rates are like a fingerprint, they are different for everyone. Rates change daily and often several times in one day, so yesterday's rate quote, or even this morning's rate quote for that matter, may be obsolete and/or worthless when rate shopping.

Here are a just a few factors that would cause an interest rate to vary:

- Bankruptcy or past foreclosure
- You don't occupy the subject property (ex. second home or investment property)
- Late mortgage or other credit payments
- Other Credit issues
- The amount of your down payment or equity in the property
- The type of loan program you select
- And many, many more

For an accurate interest rate quote, please call our office at 650-685-5815 or send your request via email by clicking Contact Us.

For the most accurate of rate quotes, simply fill out our secure online application by clicking on the button below. There is no cost and no obligation to do so.
Rates as of  Loans under $453,100
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  Use this payment calculator to estimate your monthly payment. Other terms available. Call for details.

For actual rates please call us or complete an application. Rate subject to change without notice. Rates available on owner-occupied single family residential properties. Subject to underwriting approval. Not all applicants will be approved. Some restrictions apply. Fees, terms & conditions apply. Call for details.

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